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The purpose of this section is to provide information and recieve your views about the possible future that we may be facing. The Maya phropesized a 'new age', beginning on December 12, 2012. The psy-trance community is the largest community in the world that is AWARE of the 2012 Mayan phrophecies. Therefore here at PsyTrance TV, we felt that you people out there would be interested in this section, which is hosted by Will Genesis, an independent researcher and co-creator (of the website) of The Enigma Channel.

Here's a brief intro about 2012, for you Psychedelic tuned-in people out there...!

In 2012, the Solstice Sun will rise in exact alignment with the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. The Solstice Meridean will cross the Galactic Equator. The Maya knew this more than 2000 years ago & they were sure that this moment in time would be highly significant, a total re-birth of the World.

Should we be afraid? Or should we be looking forward to an incredible Spiritual Awakening on Planet Earth? Maybe both !...

In this section you can find short articles on a variety of subjects relating to, not only the Mayan view of 2012, but what this 'rebirth' might mean to us, in REALITY.

Click an image on the right to see that article, or use the links on the left to go to other parts of SECTION 2012...

[ this section is still under construction - watch this space ! ]





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